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Our desire is to facilitate life-changing opportunities to impact the lives of others by providing tools for men to live for Jesus in the Kingdom, in the Family and in the Community


The main objective of Life Builders at Clapton is to disciple men to become Christ-like men, responsible fathers, loving husbands, and confident leaders in the home, church and the community.

The Men’s Ministry at Clapton uses the caption “My Brother’s Keeper (MBK),” which emphases that “no man should be left behind.” We aim to develop an all-inclusive mindset by recognising that all males who are connected to the church in any way are indeed part of the men’s ministry. Examples of men that we aim to target could be the husband of a church member who does not attend church regularly, or an elderly man who is unable to attend church.

Additionally, we embrace and regard ministries within the local church which touches the lives of men as men’s ministry. This could be the church prayer meetings, fasting services, connection group or Sunday school programme. A men’s only meeting is merely one aspect of the ministry to men.

As our brothers’ keepers, we seek to win men for Christ, provide prayer, biblical and practical support; provide fellowship, mentoring, teaching and training; so we can grow men to spiritual maturity and leadership; and engage them in all areas of church service including evangelising and social action in the local community.

Our LifeBuilders programmes are designed in recognition that the men connected to our church and community are at different spiritual levels, and many are hurting as well. Some are seeking Christ, some are cultural Christians, whilst others are committed Christians moving towards the leadership level. We seek to create a godly environment where men can be men. Examples of some of our initiatives include prayer partners, text messaging, bible studies, recommended reading, home visits, cricket evenings, football, social evenings and meals. We also seek to involve our men in the National man2man and boyz2men programmes.

Key Scripture Verse:

“Iron sharpeneth iron: so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”

Proverbs 27:17


We believe that prayer is the heartbeat of the Christian life. It is essential for our spiritual health. Join us online every last Thursday of the month where we intercede for our communities and for our nation.


Staying “on track” is essential if we are to achieve goals and reach destinations. Our “BUILDING BETTER MEN” podcast series is designed to do just that. 5-10min episodes to encourage, inspire and help you stay on track in your faith


The Bible is like a roadmap for life. In it we find advice and guidance, comfort and assurance. We find direction in how to deal with family, employment, finance, law, justice, mental health, community and a plethora of life themes