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Women’s Discipleship Ministries

                                                  We are about fostering relationships.

Mrs. Carmen Anderson
Women’s Discipleship Ministries

We encourage women in church to reach out together in service to the Lord and those in our community to be the best they can be in every area of life. We show them the love of Christ.

One of the ways we want to do this is by connectting with each other through “secret sisters”. This is a scheme where women are paired up secretly and through the course of a year they will encourage each other by exchanging cards, notes and small gifts. At the end of the period each pairing will be revealed and hopefully a lasting friendship will have been made.

We try to fulfil our aims and objectives of reaching out to women through conferences, retreats, Bible studies, meals, special local and national events. We come together to discuss, question, explore and learn how to grow and flourish in all areas of our womanhood.